Memorial Day

today i drank my first beer in eighteen years with my brothers in arms at the VFW,damn it tasted damn good to. to be honest it felt good to sit and swap war stories with others that have been in the shit.for those that have never been in it,take my word for it,you haven’t missed a thing. tomorrow! as you barbeque your steaks,chicken,dogs and burgers. take a moment out of your precious time and remember those who have fought and died to give you the freedoms you so often take for granted. fly old glory! allow her to flop in the wind in remembrance of my fallen brothers and sisters. remember all the real heroes are resting in Arlington cementery!

my fallen brothers and sisters! you are gone but never forgotten!

Gunnersmate Second class JOHN Cano US Navy seal team # 5 (Misfits)…

Being called a slave

being called a slave is an honor to slave caged, it is simply what slave is, slave is nothing more. slaves only purpose is to worship.serve and please Goddess Gayle Alanna forever locked in chastity 24 / 7 / 365 and plugged every waking moment. slave has surrendered his rights to Goddess Gayle Alanna. all choices and decisions are now made by Goddess and slave must simply obey her commands without question hesitation or discussion.

The Contraption

slave caged should be locked ans displayed in this contraption,it would  make a great subject of conversation between Goddess Gayle Alanna and her superior female friends. slave would be quite humiliated placed in one as any movement would be quite restricted and the dildo would move with slave. the dildo would fill slave completely. Goddess could put slave in the back yard during a party with her friends,slave would not be able to ask for mercy, or anything else for that matter being gagged with a penis gag.

Slave Caged Fantasy Town

slave cage has always had a fantasy if living in a town run only by women,where men were kept as total slaves for the pleasure of the female. men would be allowed to move into town if they would agree that the female superior. men would be required to be in chastity and plugged or dildo’d at all times,never allowed release unless they;re female owner would grant it.everywhere you would look males would be strictly bound naked collared and leashed. any n male walking around by himself  unleashed would be considered a run away slave and would be picked up until it was claimed or auctioned off at public auction. the city park would be filled with restraint equipment where a slave could be restrained for it’s owners pleasure or amusement. the park would even had a place for public auctions and public whippings. even restaurants,malls and shopping centers would have a place to entertain the superior female. the town would be called town of Gynarchy!






Noticeable Cage and plug For Slave Caged.

Slave caged is not allowed to wear anything but speedo’s showing it’s chastity cage and plug in public. Goddess Gayle Alanna wants the world to know slave is her controlled property. slave has no choice in the matter as Goddess picks out what slave is to wear daily.